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An Amazon Marketing Strategy is your roadmap for success on Amazon’s platform. Vendor Velocity is your experienced guide from concept to execution, results, and fine-tuning. We offer a full range of marketing services designed to offload the management of your brand and products on Amazon completely while boosting your results.

You already know Amazon is a huge sales opportunity. But are your products on Amazon achieving their full potential? As an Amazon focused Marketing Agency, we work with existing Amazon Vendors to accelerate their success and improve their sales because we know how Amazon—and Amazon shoppers—work.

Thinking of making the switch to Seller Central? We can also work with you to make the transition smooth and help your company realize greater control of the brand.

At Vendor Velocity, we are experts at crafting successful Amazon Marketing Strategies, and we happen to be one of the most experienced full-service Amazon agencies around. (We have over 15 years of experience working with Amazon, since 2004). Let us steer your brand through the dynamic, ever-shifting world of Amazon. With your Amazon marketing in the experienced hands of our team, watch as our full-service, done-for-you Amazon marketing drives your sales and protects your brand.

Step 1: Product Setup & Updates

Well versed in SEO, design, and Amazon’s best practices, we will get your product pages set up or overhauled, then actively test and update to make sure that your content performs.

Step 2: Enhanced Brand Content

Our award-winning A+ content helps brands stand out and products sell. Let us upgrade your content to best-in-class status, making your Amazon marketing much harder to resist.

Step 3: Amazon Advertising

We launch and actively manage PPC Amazon Advertising for you, driving your success with smart SEO strategy, weekly reporting, and data-driven management techniques.

Step 4: Account Management

We actively manage your full presence on Amazon, freeing you up to focus elsewhere. Leverage our experience to handle everything from shortage claims to chargeback disputes.

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