Amazon Advertising

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Amazon Advertising

Your path to visibility and profit

We have worked long and hard to make outsourcing your Amazon advertising one of the easiest and most rewarding business decisions you can make. Amazon Advertising has shot up in popularity in recent times, and there is a reason. It’s not enough to have your products on Amazon. You have to advertise on Amazon.

Smart companies are learning that it pays to be at or near the top of search results and discoverable by customers. They are also finding out that there is a science to achieving this feat without breaking the bank. That’s where Vendor Velocity comes in. We offer complete marketing services on Amazon, including full management of your Amazon Advertising campaigns. Our Amazon advertising services come complete with comprehensive weekly Amazon Advertising performance reporting so you know exactly how much you’re spending, and how much you’re selling.

Your Amazon Advertising Options


  • Self-service
  • Confusing, overwhelming
  • No assistance
  • Results elusive


  • Experts trained at Amazon HQ in Seattle
  • Amazon Advertising Campaigns up faster
  • SEO-optimized for more visibility
  • Weekly report and active management drives results
Amazon-sponsored product strategy

Appearing above the organic results for any product search on Amazon is helpful, but do you know which are the best keywords to target, how aggressive to make your bid, and how to ensure that your company’s advertising spend stays well within profitable margins? If your answer is “no,” we can help your Amazon Advertising campaigns perform at the top level.

Amazon-sponsored brands approach

Want to show a range of products above Amazon’s organic search results? You’re looking for the Amazon Advertising ad strategy known as Amazon Sponsored Brands. We know how to attract more clicks to your detail pages and capture more market share with this advertising strategy.