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Amazon Listing Optimization

Product page setup, SEO, and updates. Done and Dusted

Your Amazon product page is your one chance to convince a customer to make the purchase. Getting these pages right is absolutely crucial to your success on Amazon. That’s why we make content optimization the first step of managing your full presence on Amazon. We offer Amazon Listing Optimization to make your life easy — and your products visible and profitable.

Getting your product listed on Amazon is one thing. Getting them to rank well in search results is another thing altogether: It’s part art, and a lot of science. As a part of our all-inclusive Amazon marketing services, we offer established companies product page setup and management with Amazon Listing Optimization Service baked in.

You have probably heard of Amazon SEO (search engine optimization). As one of the most experienced Amazon agencies around, we are experts at it. These services go well beyond just using the right keywords. We create pages that have the right combination of copywriting, visuals, interactive media, and white space to motivate consumers to buy. With over 15 years of providing top-notch Amazon marketing, we know how to protect your brand, keep your page competitive, and free you up to focus on other marketing goals.

Amazon Product Listing Setup and Ongoing Optimization


  • Time-consuming
  • Complicated and confusing
  • Poor ranking performance
  • Requires learning—and staying up-to-date– on best practices and Amazon SEO
  • Ongoing testing needed to determine most effective content


  • Pages go live and convert customers quickly
  • Product listing search optimization included
  • Amazon award-winning best in class detail pages
  • Highly interactive (including videos, A+ content, comparison charts, etc.)
  • Ongoing testing, updates, and reporting
Amazon SEO services

You will find many companies offering Amazon SEO services, but few with the experience of Vendor Velocity. We sensed the potential of online retail early, moving from being a brick-and-mortar manufacturers’ rep agency to an Amazon marketing agency over 15 years ago. We’ve grown up with the platform, and we stay on top of the latest trends. Vendor Velocity knows what works, and what doesn’t.

Brand protection on Amazon

Your brand is invaluable. We protect it by helping ensure that errors introduced to your product pages by third-party sellers are quickly detected and corrected. Consider Vendor Velocity your detail page security team. With Vendor Velocity on the case, you will be more likely to win and keep the buy box, maintain competitive pricing, keep inventory stocked up, and so much more. This means more happy customers, fewer lost sales, and a better overall reputation.

Enhanced content

You have worked hard to create a brand with a unique story. Don’t let your Amazon product detail pages fall flat in the storytelling category. Our familiarity with Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) tool (also known as A+) allows us to craft product detail pages with optimized text placement, enhanced images, videos, and other tools that bring style and salesmanship back onto product pages. A clean, clear, detail page filled with the right information is a detail page that converts.

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