Tacoma, WA – August 06, 2019

Triplett Test Equipment & Tools has selected Amazon Marketing Agency, Vendor Velocity, as their marketing representative for Amazon.

Beginning August 1st, 2019, Vendor Velocity became responsible for handling Triplett’s full presence on Amazon, enhancing and optimizing product pages, developing stand-out brand content, and launching and actively managing PPC Amazon advertising for the brand.

Founded in 1904 by Ray L. Triplett and owned by Jewell Instruments since 2007, Triplett Test Equipment & Tools is an innovative manufacturer of reliable and durable test equipment for technicians. Their goal is to be every technician’s preferred brand of test equipment.

Vendor Velocity is a full-service Amazon Marketing Agency that works with Amazon Vendors to drive success and reach their full potential selling on Amazon. Their comprehensive services include full-service account management, product setup and updates, enhanced brand content development, and PPC Amazon Advertising with smart SEO strategy.

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